Edmonton Night Out Limousine Car Hire

A night out in the city in the back of a limousine sounds so cool, imagine how it would feel! Hire a limo on an hourly basis or get a package with a number of stops to keep the party going for long. At YEG Limo Company, we offer the best Edmonton limo itinerary that is designed with your specific requirements in mind to make sure there is no break in the party mode.

Cruise around Edmonton and its surrounding areas like a celebrity and enjoy a luxurious party atmosphere right there in the limousine with your selected friends. With the limousine well equipped with party LED lights, awesome music system to play all sorts of formats from CD, I-Pod, Bluetooth, MP3 or even AM/FM Radio and top of the line TV screens, the party gets started the moment you step inside and it keeps going until the last stop. Play your favourite music, kick back and enjoy the fully upholstered leather seats that offer maximum leg room and space to party with friends on your night out. Hit various clubs, or stop by a bar to hang out and then head to a restaurant of your choice, on to another spot for dessert.

With our various discounted limo rental packages, we can cater to all groups and party needs from beginning to the very end. Our packages include a great selection of party mood enhancements, from your favorite music playing on our incredible sound surround system, along with floor-to-ceiling LED disco lighting.

Book a limousine for your girls’ night out or boys’ night out by sharing the cost among friends, and relish a momentous night with friends in our top-notch YEG limousines. Celebrate with someone special with Birthday Limousine Rental in Edmonton.

Why not book a Limousine for your anniversary and make it even more special for your partner. Enjoy the cozy and intimate anniversary limousine rental set up. Whisk away your partner in a romantic gesture starting with well-dressed limo chauffeur opening the doors for you, with light romantic music playing in the background to set the mood for the night. Lights set up according to your preference and then heading towards the restaurant of your choice or theatre to watch a play with your partner. Make it a special night for both of you to remember for a long time. Book now and get more details on Anniversary Limo rental in Edmonton.

Edmonton night out Limo rental