Concert Limousine Service

How much fun would it be if you were to attend a concert in a limousine? Your friends would envy you and people would look at you with wishful eyes. At YEG Limousine Company, we offer various concert limo packages that are meant to meet the budget and needs of different people, to give them the option to rent a limousine without putting a hole in their pockets. Don’t let the party break, enjoy the ride to the concert and back by partying in the back of the limo the whole way.

You can choose a town car, Sedan or SUV Limo to travel with someone special and enjoy the intimate moments on the way. Some prefers to gather a group of friends to party on the way and share the cost of the ride with their friends. By renting a limo service you save yourself from the trouble of driving yourself to the event, by passing all the traffic jams and possibility of being late. Not only that finding parking spot can be a nightmare to deal with at concerts and any such events. Forego any parking trouble by renting a limousine. Our limo driver will drop you at the entrance and pick you up at the time given by you from wherever you prefer. You get door to door service so you are not late and do not miss out anything.

concert Limo Edmonton

There are various major concert venues in Edmonton. We offer limo services to all major event locations in Edmonton including:

  • Blues On Whyte. 10329 82 Ave. NW.
  • Rogers place – 10545 106 Ave NW.
  • The Almanac. 10351 82 Ave NW.
  • Bohemia. 10217 97 St. NW.
  • Century Casino. 13103 Fort Rd NW.
  • Expo Centre. 7515 118 Ave. NW.
  • Myer Horowitz Theatre. 8900 114 St NW.
  • Jubilee. 11455 87 Ave. NW.
  • Casino Yellowhead. 12464 153 St NW.
  • The Pearl Showroom